Tips For Single Parents Travelling With Their Children For The First Time

Jun 26, 2023

 If you’re thinking about taking your children on holiday for the first time since your relationship breakdown, it can feel really overwhelming and often that feeling stops you from actually booking a holiday. 


We let fear get in the way of our happiness as we worry about everything from: ‘How will I cope on my own” to “what if something happens to me”.


But instead of focusing on the negative, think about all the memories you’ll create with your children. Imagine walking on the beach, eating ice cream and jumping in the pool with them. Hold on to that feeling and read my tips on how to have a great holiday as a single parent. 

Plan Ahead


Planning early is the key to having a stress-free holiday when you're on your own with kids. Start by deciding on your destination and the type of accommodation you'll stay in. Make sure you choose a family-friendly hotel, and if you're going abroad, complete all the paperwork you'll need to travel with your children. It's also a good idea to book your flights and accommodation early as prices can increase if you're not careful. 


If your children are young then make sure you have a look at travel times from the airport to your accommodation as this can sometimes really lengthen the time you’re spending on planes and in coaches. Also have a look at the flight departure times. If you are travelling with a tour operator like Tui or Jet 2 the flights can often be at tricky times. Waiting for a really late flight  in a hot airport can be quite stressful! 


Pack Light


When packing for a holiday as a single parent, it's crucial to pack light. Remember, you'll be the only one responsible for carrying everything, so you don't want to overload yourself. Pack essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and medication. If you can, pack your items across a couple of suitcases. If you pack all your clothes in one suitcase and your kids in another and your suitcase gets lost, you run the risk of not having any clothes for the trip! Don't forget to pack some toys, books, and games to keep your children entertained during the trip.


Get Your Kids Excited


It's important to get your children excited about the holiday as it will keep them engaged and excited throughout the trip. Talk to your kids about the place you're visiting, show them pictures and videos, and tell them about all the fun activities you'll be doing together. Creating a travel itinerary with your kids will also help them get involved and excited about the holiday.


Take It Slow


Going on holiday with children can sometimes be chaotic, especially if it's your first time traveling without a partner so it's essential to take it slow and go with the flow during your trip. Don't try to do too much at once and allow time to relax and recharge. Also, remember to take care of yourself during the trip as your children rely on you.


Ask For Help


Asking for help during your trip is perfectly fine, and it's something you shouldn't be afraid to do. Whether it's asking the hotel staff for directions or asking a stranger for help with your luggage, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. Remember, you're on holiday to enjoy your time with your children, so let others help you where they can.

Have Fun!


Enjoy your holiday and trust me, when you come home you’ll be wanting to book the next one!

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