You want:


To be able to manage your divorce with confidence

Clarity about your future and how you want to live it

To reclaim your identity and self-worth

To let go of the anger and shame that the end of your marriage has left you with

Practical tools to handle the emotional aspects of your divorce

Support in rebuilding your social life and creating new, healthy relationships

To rediscover your passions and interests, and build a fulfilling life on your own


So you can:


Be happy as a single woman and live life on your own terms

Let go of the past and move forward with positivity

Feel empowered to make decisions that are best for you and your family

Build a future filled with joy, strength, and new opportunities

Find peace and balance in your life post-divorce

Achieve your personal and professional goals with renewed energy and focus

Welcome to Sam Patel Coaching  


I’m a coach working with you to navigate your divorce and  create a life that is filled with joy, strength and new  opportunities.

When you experience a divorce, even one that you asked for, it can be incredibly hard to move on and rebuild your life.

The life you knew suddenly changes beyond recognition and you are forced to make decisions that you never thought you would have to.

 My clients come from all backgrounds. Some have been stay at home parents and have lost their identity, some were the driving force behind the divorce while others were completely blindsided by the end of their marriage. Some want to start dating again and  some want to be happy on their own, making their own decisions. 

But they all have one thing in common. They want to manage their divorce with confidence, move on and rebuild their lives so that they can feel happy and   positive about themselves and their future.

They want to feel empowered when negotiating their divorce and have clarity about what they want. They want to look forward to their next chapter and all that their new lives have to offer.

I can help them do that.