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Hi, I’m Sam and I support women who have been blindsided by divorce or break-up. I help them  to let go of the past, feel confident and create a new life.

After I was blindsided by the end of my marriage I struggled with my confidence and self esteem and worried about the future all the time. Now I work with women who are experiencing those challenges and support them to move forward and create the life that they deserve.


I support you to:


⚡️Boost your confidence

⚡️Increase your self esteem

⚡️Let go of the past

⚡️Stop worrying about the future 


"Sometimes an ending is a new beginning. We just don't know it at the time."

How I work


I support women to transform their mindset, increase their self esteem and rebuild their lives. 

Through 1:1 coaching I work with women to find out what's holding them back and give them the tools they need to start boosting their self esteem, to let go of the past and rebuild their lives.  I offer one-off 60 minute coaching sessions to help you boost your confidence and self-worth and blocks of three and ten 60 min sessions.


I also offer an online group coaching programme which runs several times a year and an online membership community called 'Thrive'.

Empowerment session

Empowering you to start rebuilding your life.

1 x 60 minute coaching session. You will leave the session with practical tools to help you start to boost your confidence and move on. 

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Path to happiness 

Feel confident, in control and ready to build the life you deserve.

Three week or 10 week 1:1 coaching packages tailored to you. Each remote session is 60 minutes long.

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 Rise, recover and rebuild

4 week group coaching programme supporting you to rebuild your life and self esteem.

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