What my clients say

Isobel S

"Inspiring, gentle but firm - you kept me accountable, life changing."

Jane G

"A session with you is like talking to a good friend who just so happens to have a treasure trove of tips and insights at her fingertips. I think that's exactly what many women need."

Christina L

"I worked with Sam over a 6 month period, during which I had some profound realisations about my story & how it has impacted the way I live my life. With Sam’s unconditional support throughout this time, I have realised my true worth & taken steps to bring about changes which I’ve been putting off for years."

Victoria N

"Sam is consistent, reliable and the advice she provides is a true reflection of who she really is, someone not just knowledgeable in that area but someone who has been there and is not afraid of saying it. If only I could pack her up and take her with me I would! Oh I do love her."